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Winter Field Shoot League

Posted by LBAC on November 22, 2013 at 4:45 AM

Various clubs around the country will hold shoot days along with the shooting Calendar.


You will need to log yourself onto the league using the following link - http://www.winterfieldarchery.co.uk/

You don’t need to travel around the country as you can just shoot at the Rugby Club. Currently we have the shoots planned for the 3rd Saturday of each month. You only shoot as many as you wish. John Hartfield or Martin Rosswill take your score and add them to the league all that is required is that you logon and enter your details.

  • Name
  • Snr or Jnr
  • Bow type
  • Club

You don’t even have to do this you can come along and shoot!!!

Brief outline of what happens before and during the shoot -

The day consists a bit of practice on the practice butts which open around 12:30 again you don’t have to use these but it gives you a chance to check sight marks & warm up and the shoot starts at around 13:00 to 13:15

Approx time you will be finished is 15:15

12 targets in total 3 arrows at each target, depending on Bow style and if your snr or jnr the distance will vary. For those who have never shot Field before can go round as a bit of fun and shoot of the pegs they are comfortable with, but there scores will not be submitted for the league.

Pegs as follows

White pegs – Jnrs

Blue pegs – Long bows, Bare Bows, Traditional & Flat Bows

Red pegs – Snr fully kitted Recurve & Compound

All distances are marked on the pegs so no guessing is required also John has put out the score sheets for each target representing distances for the pegs, if you come along and you haven’t shot field before let Martin, John or Glenn know and we can make sure you go round with someone who can help give pointers and some tricks for up and down hill shots.

It would be great to see more club members use the facility and give it a go last Saturday due to an admin error on the Winter League website it had our shoot down as a closed shoot so we had no visitors. Many of the local clubs were aware the shoot was on but during this time of year many archers have their kit set up for indoor but Martin and John were there flying the flag and it was a great day for shooting no wind and it wasn’t even cold.

If anyone would like to know more or is interested in the next shoot please let Martin know.


The next shoot day will be Sat 21st Dec Daventry Rugby Club, Western Avenue NN114ST meet at the green container kettle will be on!!

Remember warm clothing!

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